Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God Bless the Freaks

God bless all those
who don't think,
who scratch their ass
And have a drink,
God bless their shit
That doesn't stink.

God bless the holy
and the wise,
God bless the moon
and the sunrise,
God bless the war,
God bless the lies,
God bless this world
About to sink.

God bless the poem,
God bless the muse,
God bless abusers
And the abused,
God bless your cock,
Your ass and tits.

God bless your mom,
God bless your dad,
God bless the sane,
God bless the mad,
God bless the ones
Who cannot speak.

God bless all those
Who say: "God bless",
While working more
And earning less,
While blessing their
Oppressive pricks.

God bless you all,
I say to you,
This world you see
Is nothing new --
Whether it's cursed,
Ignored or blessed --
It is our home

A. S.


Blogger Wizz. said...

My shit stinks.

Ohhhh yes...

1:13 AM  

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