Friday, March 31, 2006

Get off the stage, Charita!

Jack Black. I hate this asshole with a passion that is beyond words. So why am I bothering to waste an entire post on the man? Two words, King Kong. Having missed this in the theaters I was rather excited about picking up the dvd, only to find, to my extreme horror that Black was cast in this movie and in such an major role! UGHHH!
OK, ok I can get passed this, its Peter Jackson afterall. So I grab my pillow, my munchies and curl up ready for some old fashioned gorilla havoc, which glad to say this movie delivers. All and all, not a bad flick. I am rather dissapointed that the hated asshole Black made it unscathed until the end. I mean with all the carnage Kong had to offer, why not this guy?


Blogger Napoleon Volatile said...

Finally, someone other than me considers this waste of celluloid nothing but a one-trick pony! Just how many versions of the same pathetic character can he really play? I really don't want to know.

Great post!

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